Profesional Golfer for over 20 Years

I have been a professional golfer for around 20 years.

On a day to day basis I have many duties here at Studley Wood Golf Course. As well as managing the shop I teach throughout the day, all different types of people and all types of ability.

I began golf when I was 13. Myself and my brother were pestering my Dad and Grandfather to play golf, they always used to say "you are too young"! Eventually one Christmas we were given two clubs (a 3 iron and a 9 iron)… We use to whack them in the back garden until one day Dad took us to a golf course.

I played golf through my teens and at 16 it became serious when I joined Waterstock and started to play competitive golf. I started with high hopes but then realised that there was a great deal of pressure. All of a sudden I was a small fish in a massive pond. I enjoyed the learning there from club repairs, golf science.

I did 3 years training here with a PGA and eventually I qualified which was a superb achievement. My Dad was chuffed because he sat next to xxxxx Nigel Mansel!

From there I have gone on to becoming a County Coach; I’m loving being part of a superb Golf Club.

Throughout the Winter months I organise winter trips, as well as the standard lessons. In March I start advertising the group tuition and support regular lessons. Junior Golf is important throughout the year, encouraging the team aspect. Throughout the summer there is lots more tuition. Biggest week is two weeks prior to the Mens Championships when everyone wants to get their game in shape so I try to ensure there is enough time for them to learn. I do a few trips to America with one of my students who has qualified for XXXXXXX we went to Pinehurst and xxxx. I get to see some of the best young golfers in the world.

I try to keep busy throughout the year. I’m always trying to improve myself as a teacher, picking up new ideas from the pros. I recently did a course on Trackman.

Through Trackman I am increasing my qualifications to become a league coach.