There are two types of golfers that I teach: those that can hit a ball and ____.

This is all about how to play golf, which of course you learn when on the golf course. Which club to use from different T shots. Which clubs to avoid at certain places. On the course you get to show people which short game shots they could play. Where to position yourself. Am I aligned myself correctly to the target. On a driving range it is easier but on the course it is much more open.

A lot of people have alignment issues.

Strategy: when you get into trouble most people tend to play an aggressive shot. We will advise when to play that shot and when to chip onto the fairway.

The driving range is about how to hit a ball and how to improve your swing. This is about how to play the game of golf.

Anyone is eligible for the On Course Tuition. As soon as you have had a couple of lessons and you can hit a ball you are ready to enjoy On Course Tuition as part of your overall training package.

To get maximum benefit, lessons are either one or two hours long. This gives you a chance to do 9 holes with a buggy.

Weather is important for these lessons so please call in advance if the weather looks it might be an issue. Conversely, some players would like to learn in bad weather!


Lessons from 7am to 7pm inclusive, Monday through Sunday. Please use my online booking facility, or contact me.

One Hour £40
Two Hours £75
Trackman Supplement £20/hour
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