Short Game Tuition is done on the driving range at the short game area Studley Wood, where the facilities are second to none! The green is the same speed as the greens on the golf course.

Short pitching, bunker play, putting and pitching.

You can easily describe bunker shots, lob shots, chip and run shots - all the shots you would need on the golf course.

This is my favourite part of teaching - students get such a buzz hearing the sound of the ball going into the hole. Most golfers I teach start off one dimensional but I get a chance to show a wide variety of new shots they can learn, which excites them.

“Come and see how you can do something very similar to a golf pro!”

I have my own special way of teaching putting where I use different methods to most golf coaches, Come and try it out!

Anyone can do it. I teach Short Game Tuition to all ages. It is a very important area of golf to learn - lots of people can smash a ball straight but it takes skill to get the ball in from a few feet.

“Drive for show, put for dough!”


Lessons from 7am to 7pm inclusive, Monday through Sunday.

Please use my online booking facility, or contact me.

One Hour £40
Two Hours £75
Trackman Supplement £20/hour
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