Trackman is very clever box providing a revolutionary new way of learning the golf swing and how it works. It uses radar to show you stacks of information about your swing. Radar tracks the movement of the golf ball and the movement of the swing. It feeds the data back to a computer which Andy uses to work out which areas of your swing you may need to make better.

Some examples may include club face position, which can lead back to how you hold the club / how you swing the club / how you are aligning.

What a lot of people have found is that is it a great deal easier to work out what you are needing to change, even though sometimes those changes may feel uncomfortable.

The display on the computer can show you the improvements differences.

With Trackman you can also work out yardage for each club in your bag, so as to know your yardage on the golf course.

Another beauty of Trackman is that it is portable - we can use Trackman on the grass, on the driving range, on the golf course. You can also download the app onto your smart phone and connect to Trackman and we can all look at how the swing is performing.

Trackman does come as a supplement to other lessons. We recommend an hour with Trackman for £65. For this all the data will be sent back to you such that you can analyse it later and compare it with future lessons.


Lessons from 7am to 7pm inclusive, Monday through Sunday. Please use my online booking facility, or contact me.

One Hour £40
Two Hours £75
Trackman Supplement £20/hour
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